Your Care, Your Choice.

Respite Choices has a person-centred approach to Disability Services. We're based in Camden, Macarthur. We provide disability care via the NDIS and also provide on-demand Disability Carers to providers. 

Complete Tailored Services.

From helping you to find the right support worker to support your needs, to managing all aspects of your Funding Package. We offer a full range of support choices and tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual.

Compassion Beyond Care.

You can expect from Respite Choices a caring level of support that you should also expect from your closest family. We are people who truly focus on your wants and needs, to ensure that you are living your best life.


ADHC Approved

We can deliver ADHC funded programs. These include FRP, SLF and IASP packages. For more information about these you can go to our Services Page.


Verified Service

Our service complies with the 6 National Disability Service Standards in all aspects of operation. Every 3 years we meet ADHC requirements.


Third Party Accreditation

We’re approved by a third party external to our organisation to deliver Disability Support Services to ADHC and now NDIS participants.


VOOHC Registered

Our organisation is a registered Voluntary Out Of Home Care Provider. For more information about this you can go to our Services Page.

Approved, Verified, Accredited, and Insured. 

As a Disability Service Provider, Respite Choices has all the checks and balances required to operate. Officially in operation since 2004, we now look to the future of care via the NDIS. You can rely on our experienced staff and a continuous improvement model.

Where it All Started

The Company Directors of Respite Choices are Amanda and Christopher Dench. They have lived in the Wollondilly area for more than 20 years. In the period between 2000 and 2004, Amanda was working in the Disability Sector and would often receive feedback that there was not sufficient Disability Support in the area of Macarthur to service the growing needs.

After much research and discussion Amanda recruited a small team and Macarthur Respite Care (MRC) was founded in February of 2004.

MRC focussed on the recruitment and training of Disability Support workers and since then MRC has been providing specialised Disability Support Workers to support individuals with a disability in their own homes and in community access.

We have expanded the business over the years to accommodate Customer requests and we have since included Cost Effective Funding Package Management Options, Advocacy and Advice and Planning and Goal Management.

Our Difference

Our Support Workers are not home care employees, they are specialised Disability Support workers. This means that they are trained in a range of complex care needs and support requirements.

This includes but is not limited to: Hoisting, Epilepsy Management, PEG/PEJ Feeding, Medication Delivery, Challenging Behaviours and Personal Care of a complex nature.

Our recruitment screening process is thorough and includes all Criminal Record Checks and personal identification to be provided and validated prior to employee commencement. You can rest assured that 12 years’ in business has trained us to engage only the best of carers and support workers.

Our staff engage in professional development on an annual basis. This means that they are always attending training and learning new skills that are reflective of industry changes.

Our staff retainment rate is 90% over the past 12 years.

Your Care, Your Choice

Over the years, we have developed our service match our changing community, individual needs and industry best practices. With the recent introduction of the NDIS, Macarthur Respite Care undertook a ‘re branding’ to reflect our central philosophy and approach to care services. Our new corporate image is one to emphasise choice. Now known as Respite Choices, we continue to support many families across Macarthur, Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee regions.

We believe in a Customer directed service and are flexible in our service delivery. You are at the centre of our decision making from Support Worker all the way to Management. We consult you every step of the way and include you in all aspects of Service Delivery. We are transparent and approachable and we know that without YOU, we would not be in operation.

We believe that you have the choice about the care you receive and the type of service you want. We will never make decisions for you or assume what your support requirements are without your consent.

We believe in a balanced approach to planning and supporting your personal needs, involving the correct, caring people in your life, and developing an NDIS plan that’s perfectly appropriate. It’s your choice to consult with family and friends, to do your own personal planning, and to have Respite Choices as your caring NDIS provider. By including us in your overall planning, you will ease the pressure on yourself and receive the latest advice on services, policies, funding and assistance that is available to you.

Macarthur's Choice for Disability Care Services

Questions about NDIS? We're ready with all the answers. Respite Choices has a long, strong history as a disability service provider in Macarthur. Let us join you on life's journey.

Carers Available

Disability Care Providers looking for qualified and experienced staff can contact Respite Choices at any time of day or night. We aim to provide a no-fuss, detailed match to your short and long term placement requests.

Careers in Disability

Respite Choices has a well established service base in the Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly Local Government Areas. If you are a qualified carer who is passionate about their work, we'd love to speak to you.

NDIS Disability Services

Disability Care Services are delivered via ADHC funded options including (but not limited to) Flexible Respite Options, Supported Living Fund, and Individual Accommodation Support Packages.

Transport Services

Respite Choices has a 7-Seater Mercedes Van with Wheelchair Access available for hire. You can drive yourself or a qualified driver can be supplied. For more information and pricing, please contact us.